• Room nr:0e-68
  • E-mail:a.bon@vu.nl
  • Unit:centrum voor internationale samenwerking ( cis )
  • Position:Senior Advisor ICT

Key qualifications

• Information and communication technologies

Summary of work experience

Senior consultant in ICT, with a focus on higher education in development countries. Previous positions at  the Netherlands High Performance Networking and Computing Centre SARA, IBM, and VU Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences. Fields or expertise and key activities in former positions:

- ICTs for social development in Africa
- Innovative systems in science and education (e-science);
- Virtual Reality
- Building a metropolitan area network in Amsterdam
- Data storage and information security
- Supercomputing
- E-learning
- ICT project management
- Business development in telecommunication and ICT services
- Curriculum development and lecturing in applied informatics in earth sciences.

Project involvement

Web alliance for Re-greening in Africa



Bosu, R. and Bon, A. (2009) Improving teaching and learning in Polytechnics with ICT. Trends in Polytechnic Education in Ghana. VU University Amsterdam & University of Cape Coast.

Bon, A. (2007) - Can internet in tertiary education in Africa contribute to social and economic development? International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology Volume 3-3. Scroll down to read the article.

Bon, A., van den Eeckhout, B., Janzen, E., Klepper, C., van Moerkerken, B. and van Wees, J. D. (1994). Timing of Variscan mid-crustal shearing and batholith intrusion in the Central Pyrenees (Ariège, France). Geologie en Mijnbouw 73, 53-61.

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