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Academic Staff Development

Our centre has an extensive record of training academic staff in developing countries. Over three decades of experience allow us to provide high quality training for academics in the areas of curriculum development, teacher training, quality assurance and research. Our tailor-made programmes take the local cultural context as a starting point for development. This approach, combined with our interactive teaching methods, results in high learning outcomes and satisfied participants worldwide.

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Farmer Innovation> Looking further
Farmer Innovation

All over the world farmers have continuously innovated to improve their livelihoods. Their technological innovations have resulted in new crops, livestock, tools and sustainable agroecosystems. We strongly believe in building bridges between farmers, scientists and policy makers. New knowledge and coordinated efforts can be the fruit of this blend: exremely important when we look at the complex challenges we are facing today. One of our new projects in which innovations at the community level are central is SCI-SLM.

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Mobile Web in Africa> Looking further
Mobile Web in Africa

Mobile telephony has changed the lives of many poor people in Africa. Mobile phones connect them to the world and improve their livelihoods. Yet, mobile telephony has the potential to bring people more benefits… CIS-VU, the VU Network Institute, the World Wide Web Foundation, and the Africa Re-greening Initiative, together with local partners in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali have joined efforts towards innovative mobile web technologies for the benefit of farmers in Africa.

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