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Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education in Ghana

Strengthening Science and Maths Education

Project title: PRACTICAL (Programme Reform and Alignment for increasing Competencies of Teachers and for Improving Comprehension and Application in Learning science and mathematics).
Country:  Ghana

  • Faculty of Science Education,
  • University of Education Winneba Department of Science & Mathematics Education,
  • University of Cape Coast

Period:   November 2005 - June 2010
Donor: NPT programme, NUFFIC

Higher Education plays a major role both as a provider of teachers as well as other human resources to almost all levels of the Ghanaian educational system. Science and mathematics teacher development is one of the pillars of this system. There are strong indications that over the last couple of decades, a downward spiral has developed through deficiencies in science teacher development in the country. The major challenge is to stop and reverse it in the upward direction.

The overall objective of the PRACTICAL project is to improve the quantity and quality of
science and mathematics teaching staff at all levels of the education hierarchy, and thereby more generally improve science and mathematics education in Ghana. The project has provided very important, valuable and effective support to the education reform processes at the two leading teacher education and training universities, UCC and UEW. The teacher training programmes at both institutions play a major role as provider of teachers to almost all levels of the Ghanaian educational system.

The PRACTICAL PROJECT has made an important start to trying to achieve this overall objective through implementing educational and research innovations at both UCC and UEW. These innovations include staff training (including PhD trajectories), the provision of new curriculum support materials, laboratory equipment, student textbooks and ICT resources.

University of education winneba
University of Education Winneba
UCC and UEW biology staff at work
UCC and UEW Biology staff at work

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